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First Chinese mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine Approved in Indonesia

01.10.2022 ТАСС 61 просмотров

Pfizer — BioNTech and Moderna Western vaccines are similar to the principle of action of this drug..

Indonesia has become the first country to approve the use of a Chinese coronavirus vaccine based on matrix ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology. This was reported on Friday by the South China Morning Post newspaper.

According to her, the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved the use of the AWcorna vaccine for emergency use for patients over 18 years old.

Moderna and Pfizer — BioNTech Western vaccines are similar to the principle of action of this drug, which was previously known as ARCoV. The novelty was developed by Abogen Biosciences and Walvax Biotechnology together with the Academy of Military Sciences of the People's Liberation Army of China.

The drug was tested in a number of regions of China, as well as in Mexico and Indonesia. However, China's regulator has not yet officially approved the widespread use of this vaccine in the country.

After obtaining the appropriate permit, it is planned to start mass production of the AWcorna drug at an enterprise in the southwestern province of Yunnan, which is specially built by Walvax Biotechnology. At the initial stage, it is planned to produce about 120 million doses per year there.

Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, which should be stored frozen, the creators of the drug claim that their drug remains stable for up to six months at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, unlike Pfizer — BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.

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