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Persian leopard spotted in Chechnya for the first time since 1959

13.02.2022 211 просмотров

The leopard lived in the mountainous territories of the Caucasus until the middle of the last century, then its numbers decreased.

For the first time since 1959, the Western Asian leopard was seen in the mountainous Sharoi region of Chechnya. The corresponding video was posted on his Instagram page by the head of the municipality Ramzan Magomedov.

"The video shows one of the rarest animals listed in the international Red Book - the Persian leopard. This is the first proven case encounters of this animal on the territory of the republic since 1959. The meeting of this animal is a unique case for our republic and the entire Caucasus,” he wrote.

Until the middle of the 20th century, the leopard was widespread in the Caucasus, it territory. However, by the 1950s, its numbers had declined sharply. In many areas, the animal was completely destroyed due to human fault.

The program for the restoration of the Persian leopard in the Caucasus is being implemented by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources with the participation of the Sochi National Park, the Caucasian Reserve, the North Ossetian Reserve, the Alania National Park, the World Wildlife Fund nature, Institute of problems of ecology and evolution. A. N. Severtsov of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Ecology of Mountain Territories named after. A. K. Tembotov RAS, Moscow Zoo, with the assistance of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Financial support for the monitoring of the Persian leopard in the Caucasus is provided by VTB Bank. In North Ossetia, RusHydro is providing financial support for the population recovery program.

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