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People's mediators in China improve their skills online

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The Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China has launched a nationwide distance learning program for people's mediators, persons who act as arbitrators in out-of-court dispute resolution.

The first webinar, organized with the support of the department, was held in early July and gathered almost 100,000 listeners from all over the country. The session was conducted by a member of the Primary Level Mediation Committee of Chongqing City, a metropolis of central subordination. As the organizers noted, the trainer is one of the most experienced in his field and participated in resolving disagreements in various areas. 

The Ministry of Justice assessed the first training as successful. Fu Zhenghua, head of the department, noted that such remote classes will be held on a regular basis from August this year. The authorities believe that this will increase the competence of intermediaries and will allow them to acquire new skills and competencies. One of the main advantages of the courses is the distance format, which makes it possible to study from anywhere in the country. 

In the Celestial Empire, the institution of people's mediators has been successfully used to resolve out-of-court disputes for many years, and mediation committees exist in many small cities, villages, enterprises and public organizations. Today, there are more than 760,000 such associations in the PRC. At the same time, for more than half of the intermediaries & nbsp; - 490 thousand - this is the main field of activity and they are employed full-time. According to some data, about 9 million disputes are resolved every year in the country with the help of popular mediators. 

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Out-of-court dispute resolution is quite popular in China. As of 2016, 5 cases out of 10 were resolved with the involvement of intermediaries. People's commissions, as a rule, have from 3 to 9 members. Mandatory conditions are the residence of their members in the territory where the dispute is resolved. In areas where several nationalities live, the commission must include representatives of all national minorities. People's mediators receive powers for 3 years with the right to be re-elected for a new term. Out-of-court dispute resolution exists in areas such as popular mediation, commercial, administrative and labor.

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