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Passengers at Chinese airports are being tested with facial recognition

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The personal identification system using video cameras and special software is already operating in a number of air harbors of the republic and will soon spread throughout the country.

At Chinese airports, a human face recognition system developed by specialists from the Chongqing Institute of IT at the Chinese Academy of Sciences commissioned by the Ministry of State Security of the Republic began to work. According to experts in the field of security, its implementation made it possible to optimize the security check, speeding it up dozens of times compared to standard procedures. In the future, the innovation will also help increase the capacity of airports.

At the moment, video cameras that take pictures of passengers and transmit them for analysis to the servers of auxiliary identification systems are installed in 557 screening corridors at 62 Chinese airports. Corridors in Pudong (Shanghai International Airport) and Baiyun (Guangzhou) are equipped with them, in particular.

It is expected that over time the system will cover all the air harbors of China and will allow the formation of a database on the population of China. Specialists of the Ministry of State Security highly appreciated the effectiveness of the new method of personal identification even at the current stage.

The head of the Chongqing University Security IT Center claims that the system takes less than a second to match the face captured by the camera with the photo of the person in the passport.

The next stage in the development of this technology in China, in addition to its distribution to all airports in the country, is the use of an identification system for automatic check-in of passengers. The services of border control officers will therefore only be required in exceptional cases.

China's Advanced Industry Institute estimates the size of the Chinese face recognition technology market at $150 million (data from 2016). China is a world leader not only in terms of the sophistication of these technologies, but also in terms of their implementation in practice.

In particular, since 2003, video cameras for personality recognition have been operating on a square in the center of Beijing. The photographs taken by them form a database for law enforcement agencies.

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