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Paris made a gift to Yekaterinburg for EXPO

22.01.2018 170 просмотров

Paris has withdrawn from the race for the right to host EXPO 2025.

According to French media, the country's prime minister sent a letter to the national bid committee, on the basis of which a decision will be made to withdraw from the fight.

The fact that Russia and, in particular, Yekaterinburg received a good gift, was confirmed by AiF-Ural and the head of the Russian "headquarters" of EXPO-2025 Svetlana Sagaydak.

"We assumed that Paris may drop out of the EXPO race as France previously won the right to host another major international event, the Summer Olympics in 2024.  Therefore, it is logical that the French authorities have decided to focus on only one significant project,” Ms. Sagaydak said in an official statement. According to her, however, Yekaterinburg must not relax, as it still has strong and worthy rivals.

Let us remind you that in addition to the withdrawn Paris, Osaka (Japan) and Baku (Azerbaijan) fought for the right to host the world exhibition. However, unlike the EXPO-2020 campaign, Yekaterinburg has advantages: now the entire Russian Federation and its establishment are campaigning for the capital of the Middle Urals. In the struggle for Yekaterinburg, the state apparatus is involved, which is characterized by a special tactic - personal meetings between representatives of the Russian bid committee with heads of state who can cast their vote for Yekaterinburg. In total, the schedule of visits of the delegation of the Russian Federation includes 150 countries that are planned to visit from January 14 to March 30, 2018.

accepted an invitation to the 2018 World Cup in Yekaterinburg at his residence in Beirut and wished Russia victory in the fight for EXPO 2025.  “We hope that Lebanon will support our application, because it is such global projects that unite all countries,” said Ms. Sagaydak. In turn, the Prime Minister of Lebanon highly appreciated the EXPO project in Yekaterinburg, which will be located on the territory of 555 hectares and will become the largest exhibition project in the world. "Russia is a friendly country, and we sincerely wish that the World Expo will be held in Yekaterinburg," said Saad al-Din Rafik al-Hariri.

As part of the Middle East tour, representatives of the Bid Committee will visit 8 countries. Earlier, a delegation from Russia had already presented Yekaterinburg's application in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Jordan. At the end of 2017, representatives of the mission and top officials of the Sverdlovsk region made a tour of the countries of South and Latin America.


Subject of the Russian competition application: "Changing the world: innovation and a better life for future generations.” The winner of the application campaign will be determined in Paris in November 2018 by secret ballot of representatives of the member countries of the International Exhibition Bureau.

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