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Palestinian government follows Israel in imposing curfew

23.03.2020 38 просмотров

The Prime Minister of the State of Palestine, Mohammed Shtayyeh, addressed fellow citizens on a local television channel with a message about the imposition of a curfew to curb the spread of the SARS virus.

"The Palestinian government has done a lot to curb the epidemic," Faris Nabulsi, a Palestinian from Ramallah, is sure. "We are very grateful to President Mahmoud Abbas, who promptly took adequate measures, and we hope that the disease will bypass us. We thank the Lord for that the situation we have is quite good and there are few sick people. I think that Palestine is the Holy Land and that the epidemic will not affect us."

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Immediately after the Prime Minister's speech, the police blocked the streets of the Palestinian cities of Hebron and Ramallah. Only doctors and pharmacists, as well as food suppliers, retained the right to free movement.

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"I think it was very wise for our leadership to impose a curfew," said Mohammed Khashlamohn, a resident of the city of Hebron. what happened to those countries whose governments did not take such a measure.So I support this line and urge other citizens to stay at home, unless something out of the ordinary happened."

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two cases of coronavirus infection.

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