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Palestine began vaccination against coronavirus

03.02.2021 45 просмотров

Russia delivered Sputnik V urgently, as requested by Ramallah.

Palestine received a gift from Israel about 2,000 syringe tubes with an American coronavirus vaccine. Tel Aviv has promised to donate another 3,000 doses of much-needed medicine. Meanwhile, the Palestinian authorities have negotiated with Russia about the supply of about 100,000 doses of Sputnik V. .png" title="2.png">

May Al-Qila, Palestinian Minister of Health:

"Handed over to us "The vaccine is the American drug Moderna. We received it as part of a humanitarian action from Israel. According to the World Health Organization, this drug is considered to meet all safety standards. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will receive a batch of the Russian vaccine and continue the vaccination campaign using Sputnik V."


Tawfiq Abu Laila, Palestinian:

"It's good that we got this vaccine. We thank every person who wants to help our people, every foreign country, every Arab state. I believe that this vaccine is the medicine that we need to defeat the disease."


Aisha Salem, Palestinian:

"This vaccine is good. But today only medical staff are being vaccinated, not to all people."


The first COVID-19 vaccines were given at the Hugo Chavez Hospital. In addition to health workers, the first, as in other countries, will be the elderly over 60 years of age. Mai Al-Qila believes it will take several more months for the large-scale vaccination to bear fruit.


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