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Pakistani president vaccinated against COVID-19

15.03.2021 138 просмотров

Islamabad started a vaccination campaign with the head of state.

In Islamabad, the President of Pakistan was vaccinated against the coronavirus. He arrived at the vaccination center together with the Minister of Health of the country, Faisal Sultan. After the end of the procedure, the head of state appealed to the public with a call to follow the epidemiological rules even if a person has already been vaccinated against a harmful infection.

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Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan:

"Protection against infection is vital. However, I am not going to remove the mask even after vaccination. I hope that vaccination has given me additional protection against COVID-19. But until the epidemic is overcome worldwide, it is necessary to wear personal protective equipment, wash hands and maintain social distance.And only the Almighty knows how long we will have to follow all these rules.But we must be extremely careful - especially now that the third a wave of coronavirus has hit Pakistan. This disease is very dangerous."

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To overcome the pandemic, Islamabad is using a drug from two sources. Firstly, it has agreements with China on the supply of Sinopharm; secondly, Pakistan intends to receive the most massive batch - about 17 million syringe tubes - in the West. We're talking about AstraZeneca.

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