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Pakistan resumes fight against polio amid coronavirus

22.07.2020 88 просмотров

In Pakistan, despite the coronavirus epidemic, doctors have resumed a campaign to vaccinate children against polio.

This country, like Afghanistan, is a natural reservoir for a terrible disease. 

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"We have interrupted the campaign for mass vaccination of children against polio during the coronavirus epidemic," said Mohammad Ghulam Mohyuddin, who is in charge of public relations for the system of the Ministry of Health of Pakistan. "But today we decided to resume this undertaking. In this regard, we have supplied our employees masks, sanitizers, etc. We also conducted a briefing with the staff to teach them how to properly maintain social dist src="/upload/medialibrary/cfc/cfcbdcd7b1acd38de3b5799300b066aa.jpg" height="462" title="Pakistan Vaccination 1.jpg">

"We were provided with masks, sanitizers and protective uniforms," said Rahila Israel, a medical officer. - So all our employees are properly equipped, because we have to go home. Therefore, one must always remember that a person with COVID-19 may live in one of the apartments. 

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A few years ago, the number of cases of polio dropped significantly, but in 2019 it increased again. 

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