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Pakistan receives first batch of vaccines from China as part of COVAX program

10.08.2021 128 просмотров

Beijing is committed to fulfilling its promises to help other states fight the pandemic.

Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm on Monday made the first delivery of its own coronavirus vaccine to Pakistan through the international COVAX program. This was reported by the Chinese newspaper "Global Times".

As specified on the publication's page on Twitter, in this way Beijing is striving to fulfill its promises regarding assistance to other states in the fight against the pandemic.

Last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that China would allocate $100 million to the World Health Organization's COVAX Vaccine Joint Procurement and Distribution Project to provide covid immunobiological drugs to developing countries. He said Beijing is ready to closely coordinate efforts with the international community to promote global cooperation in this area.

Earlier this month, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Chinese enterprises have There are already more than 750 million doses of vaccines against coronavirus.

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