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Pakistan closes schools and universities again

27.11.2020 99 просмотров

In Pakistan, they believe that the coronavirus is more dangerous than the threat to children and students to remain ignorant.

In Pakistan, due to the worsening epidemiological situation, the government decided to close schools again, as well as secondary specialized and higher educational institutions. 

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From November 23, lessons and lectures are held in the country only online.

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Samina Chaudhry, principal of a private school:

"We are all terribly depressed. We have worked so hard to catch up with the children! After all, when a child is outside of school for 7-8 months in a row and his familiar environment, then his motivation drops sharply. This is a normal psychological reaction. Our teachers tried so hard to restore normal academic performance ...!"

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Arshad Naeem Butt, child's father:

"Responsible parents understand that without education their child has no future. But now we are all forced to obey the imperatives that the epidemic dictates even to the government. Illness sent down to us from above. And we have no choice but to close the schools."

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Saddam Hussain, ninth grade student:

"No good for us! We're here nothing to do with it - the coronavirus does not come from schools. And if you don’t go to school, then it’s really impossible to learn!”

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It is expected that the entire educational system of Pakistan will be able to operate normally on January 11, after the end of the New Year holidays. In total, a little more than 386 thousand people were infected in the country at the end of November, which is 0.002% of the total number of citizens. Pakistan has a population of over 216.5 million. Less than 8,000 have died since the start of the epidemic. 

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