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Over the past 10 years, the average height of the Vietnamese has increased by 3-4 cm

19.05.2021 344 просмотров

The growth of the Vietnamese increased due to the improvement in the quality of life.

The average height of Vietnamese citizens has increased by 3-4 cm over the past decade due to improved living standards and changes in diet. In addition, because of this, the inhabitants of the country, especially teenagers, are increasingly becoming overweight, the Tuoi Che newspaper reported on Tuesday, citing a study conducted throughout 2020 of the eating habits of the Vietnamese.

According to According to the observations, if in 2010 the average height of a Vietnamese man was slightly more than 164 cm, and women - 153 cm, now these figures are 168.1 and 156.2 cm, respectively.

Changes in the appearance of the Vietnamese did not affect only growth: citizens of the country, especially adolescents, have become noticeably larger than before, adding an average weight of several kilograms. Local doctors note with concern that if in 2019 the level of childhood and adolescent obesity in the country was 8.5%, then just a year later this figure increased to 19%.

These changes were a natural consequence of improving living standards thanks to Vietnam's economic transformation policy. The diet of the inhabitants of the country has undergone significant changes during the years of reforms. A Vietnamese citizen now consumes more calories per day than in 2010, including an average of 136.4 grams of meat per day compared to 84 grams ten years ago. In cities, this figure is 155.3 grams.

However, the average growth rate in the country is still lower than in more economically developed Asian countries, experts say. According to their observations, the Vietnamese are about 8 centimeters shorter than the Japanese, 7 centimeters shorter than the Chinese, and 5 centimeters shorter than the Thais and Singaporeans.

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