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Outstanding Chinese Citizens Awarded "Touching China-2020" Award

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The annual "Touching China" award ceremony was broadcast by China Media Corporation (CMG) on the evening of February 17 on CCTV-1.

Launched in 2003, the telecast is intended to give high praise to those who have touched the entire Chinese nation with their perseverance, courage and wisdom over the past year. These heroes are ordinary citizens whose deeds have had a significant impact on society.

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The list of 2020 honorary title winners includes:

Zhang Dingyu is a doctor suffering from an incurable disease

Chen Lu is a 36-year-old firefighter who died while rescuing residents in a flood.

Zhang Guimei is the director of China's first free high school, which helps to create a new future for many girls in poor mountainous areas.

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Wan Zuochengand< b> Xiong Gengxiang is a married couple who ran a kitchen next to an oncolo for many years.

Wan Hai is a former fighter pilot who achieved outstanding combat achievements during the War of Resistance to American Aggression and Support to Korea.

Wang Yong is a courier who went beyond his call of duty to deliver goods by volunteering to serve as frontline medics during the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

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Xie Jun< /b> is the chief designer of the third generation of the Chinese navigation satellite "Beidou".

Ye Jiaying is a master of Chinese classical poetry who devoted her life to promoting traditional Chinese culture.

Mao Xianglin is a grassroots official who, through unimaginable hardships, led the people of a remote village to build the most important road in China. world and overcoming poverty.

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> All members of the No. 1 Geodetic Group under the Ministry of Natural Resources of the People's Republic of China, who for decades, overcoming numerous difficulties, measured the mountains and rivers of the Motherland.

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The awards ceremony also included a special tribute to all the COVID-19 heroes who donated with their lives for the mission, cared for ordinary people with boundless love and made a selfless contribution to this cause.

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