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Response to provocation, outbreak of pandemic, meeting with giants — see "Chinese Panorama"-247

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Watch the information and publicistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 247):
  • Chinese servicemen showed high morale at exercises near the island of Taiwan
  • More than a thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Hainan Province
  • The Puer City District is preparing for the migration of wild elephants

Chinese servicemen showed high morale at exercises near the island of Taiwan

The soldiers of the People's Liberation Army of China showed high morale and motivation during the exercises around the island of Taiwan. The fighters are proud that they have been entrusted with this mission, and are ready to resist any internal and external threats.

Jin Zong, Battalion commander of the Artillery Brigade:
"We will follow the orders of the party and make sure that the artillery always hits the target. We will protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our homeland."

Zu Guanhong, captain of a warship:
"We are determined to strike without mercy at any enemy that threatens the reunification of China."

Zheng Zhifeng, Deputy Commander of the Navy Missile Regiment:
"We have worked out combat operations according to different scenarios in order to increase the combat capability of our troops when attacking and suppressing the enemy. The Chinese people can be sure that we will reliably protect the territory of our country." 

The intensity and scale of the exercises surpassed all previous Chinese operations in the region. These are the closest maneuvers of the PRC army to Taiwan. Moreover, for the first time they envisioned the encirclement of the island. The military exercises have become a serious deterrent in response to the escalation of tensions caused by the visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives. This trip was condemned by many politicians of the PRC and other countries, as well as the former chairman of the Kuomintang Party, Hong Xiuzhu.

Hong Xiuzhu, former Chairman of the Kuomintang Party:
"Nancy Pelosi's visit has further aggravated the situation in the Taiwan Strait. Firstly, local residents found themselves in the center of military exercises with live ammunition firing. Secondly, hundreds of agricultural products are no longer exported from Taiwan to mainland China, which will inevitably affect the local economy. The island authorities cannot do anything to solve these problems."

The former chairman of the Kuomintang Party also believes that mainland China should not stand on ceremony with separatists who advocate Taiwan independence.

More than a thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Hainan Province

Local authorities have begun mass testing of residents of Hainan Province after a new outbreak of COVID-19. More than a thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the region. The tourist city of Sanya was the most seriously affected, with more than 600 cases and more than 200 asymptomatic carriers registered.

Ji Duanjong, General Secretary of Sanya City Administration:
"We have distributed people with coronavirus to eleven hospitals for isolation and treatment. They are now in a stable condition."

The administration of the city of Sanya has identified almost 170 high-risk zones and more than 60 medium-risk zones that are not recommended to visit. Local authorities are preparing to open two new laboratories. This will allow checking over 400 thousand test tubes a day — 280 thousand more than now. The city has a policy of "static management", but the administration has opened "green corridors" for the departure of patients with severe cases of other diseases and pregnant women. Also, the city authorities intend to cooperate with hotels to help tourists deprived of the opportunity to leave.

Ye Kaizhong, Deputy Secretary General of Sanya City Administration:
"We demand that hotels do not raise prices and do not reject tourists' requests for an extension of their stay. Also, hotels should provide a 50% discount on paying for additional nights in the rooms." 

Earlier, the administration of Hainan Province distributed tourists from Sanya Airport to hotels and paid for seven days of free accommodation and meals for them.

The Puer City District is preparing for the migration of wild elephants

Pu'er City District in Yunnan Province takes precautions before the migration of wild Asian elephants. This is one of the main habitats of their habitat in China. Experts carefully monitor the movements of huge animals in the region.
Observations have shown that every August herds of elephants come to Pu'er from Jinghong County, located a hundred kilometers to the south. In the same month, the grain harvest begins in the region, so the giants often get food from farmers' fields. They especially like ripe corn. To avoid accidents, local authorities are taking measures that will help prevent elephants from meeting people.

Zhou Zhitao, Employee of the Bureau of Forestry and Pastures of Pu'er:
"According to our observations, there are now almost 130 Asian elephants in the Pu'er City District, which are divided into nine herds. They mainly live in the Simao district, Jiangcheng and Lancang counties. Most actively these animals move around Simao, passing long distances."

In rural areas of Pu'er County, local authorities have installed signs that remind residents that elephants should be avoided. The administration has also increased the number of street lights to reduce the risk of sudden encounters with elephants at night. According to forecasts, the migrating animals will stay in Pu'er until February – March next year.

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