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The support for the drilling platform was installed in the South China Sea at a record depth

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  • Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of rural revival during a visit to the tea village The support for the drilling platform was installed in the South China Sea at a record depth
  • Shanghai authorities have divided the city into three zones as part of the fight against COVID-19
  • The basin of the Baihetan dam has resumed work after a scheduled inspection
  • Chinese cosmonauts conducted breakthrough research in orbit
  • The builders of the Ice Ribbon Stadium were the first to be invited to the Olympic facility
  • Southwest provinces of China harvest fruits and vegetables
  • Icebergs formed on Lake Ulyungur in Xinjiang
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of rural revival during a visit to the tea village

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on the Chinese people to revitalize rural areas and develop local creative industries.

The head of state made such a statement during a trip to Hainan province.


He visited the tea village of Mahon, which is one of the centers of rural tourism in the province. The leader of the country visited the house of the Li people and attended a master class on roasting leaves. Xi Jinping also bought two packs of local tea here. 

Then he met with villagers and officials and listened to their reports on the development of local industry, as well as on the preservation of traditional culture.


Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China: "In the past, we have returned from the treasure mountain empty-handed, but in the future we will reap countless benefits."


Xi Jinping urged to pay attention to the selection of rural officials. These should be talented business leaders, college graduates and veterans. 

Speaking about his vision of the future, the leader of the People's Republic of China stressed that efforts are required from everyone to build a modern socialist country and achieve an average level of prosperity in society. And the revival of rural areas and the fight against poverty should go hand in hand with concern for the environment.


At subsequent meetings during the trip, the Head of state outlined plans for the comprehensive promotion of small settlements and the idea of agro-industrial reform. The country should stimulate the development of unique local industries, as well as encourage innovation in rural areas.


The support for the drilling platform was installed at a record depth in the South China Sea In the south of China, the first 300-meter deep-water support unit "Haiji-1" was installed in Asia.

This was reported by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation.


"Haiji-1" was entirely designed and built in China. The support with a height of 302 meters and a weight of 30 thousand tons will be used at the Lufeng field at the mouth of the Pearl River. Its maximum annual output is estimated at almost two million tons of crude oil.

The support was securely fixed on the seabed. Next, it will play the role of a supporting structure for the drilling platform.


Liu Jun, Deputy Head of the Engineering and Construction Department of China National Offshore Oil Corporation: "To ensure the exact installation of the support, we used first-class marine engineering vessels, among them the largest launching barge and crane vessel in Asia.

The work was carried out for the first time using three ships, and we also applied an innovative motion monitoring system."


The design and construction of the Haiji-1 block helped solve a number of technical issues and find interesting solutions. They will be used at the following facilities of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation.

Zhang Wei, Chief Engineer of the branch of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Shenzhen: "Haiji-1" is China's first attempt to develop a 300—meter deep-sea support.

Its success opens the way for the extraction of oil and gas resources at a depth of up to 400 meters."


Successful installation of "Haiji-1" It shows that Chinese technologies and capabilities in the field of super-large support blocks have reached the world level. This is an important milestone for the country's oil industry.


Shanghai authorities have divided the city into three zones as part of the fight against COVID-19 A three-level classification of districts appeared in Shanghai in connection with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The city was divided into zones of prevention, restrictive control and closed management. This should help to cope with the sharp increase in morbidity and buy time to build more hospitals. 


Residential areas and complexes where cases of COVID-19 infection have been registered over the past seven days were classified as closed management zones. Their residents will have a week of complete isolation, and then another week of health monitoring. Social services will deliver groceries and essentials door-to-door.


There have been no new cases of infection in the restrictive control zones over the past week, but residents should be at home and monitor their well-being. They are also allowed to walk pets and play sports in the spring air.


Those areas where there has not been a single case of coronavirus in the last two weeks are marked as prevention zones. Their residents can move freely within their area, but must avoid crowds. In parallel with the lifting of restrictive measures, the construction of temporary hospitals continues. 


Zeng Chen, Chief Director of the Temporary Hospital Construction Team: "We also worked at night.

It was necessary to prepare an office building with an area of 50 thousand square meters for the hospital within 48 hours. More than 1,000 builders participated in this."


Local resident Zhang Weifeng was one of the first 500 cases during the current wave of COVID-19. A temporary medical center in the Pudong business district became his home for a week.


Zhang Weifeng, Shanghai resident: "Doctors visit us every day, and nurses are also constantly caring for us.

Volunteers work at the hospital every day to reduce the burden on the medical staff."


Recovered patients are required to disinfect their belongings and pack them in yellow bags before leaving the hospital. It will be possible to get clothes only after 14 days. After discharge, citizens must undergo a seven-day stage of self-monitoring at home.The basin of the Baihetan dam has resumed work after a scheduled inspection


The basin of the Baihetan hydroelectric power plant in southwest China has officially resumed operation after the first inspection since its opening in May 2020.

The inspection lasted 4 months. 


Pei Lei, Engineer of the Baihetan Project, Three Gorges Construction Department: "During operation, the pool was exposed to high-speed water flows for a long time.

This could damage its body, so regular checks are necessary. According to the results, we see that there were practically no erosive and abnormal damages in the concrete of the pool. The bottom slabs of the pit are smooth and flat, there are no leaks and cracks. This means that the drainage basin has been tested perfectly." 


The Baihetan Basin is the largest in the world. This is a vital object, which is entrusted with the functions of removing floods, as well as stabilizing the riverbed behind the dam. The designers gave it the shape of an inverted arch. 48 meters deep, it can hold 2 million cubic meters of water. The same volume has 1000 standard swimming pools.


Since the commissioning of the first power unit in 2020, the Baihetan hydroelectric power plant has produced more than 23 billion kWh of electricity. In terms of capacity, it is the second in the world after the Three Gorges hydroelectric power station in Hubei Province.


Chinese cosmonauts conducted breakthrough research in orbit The crew of the Shenzhou-13 spacecraft completed more than 20 scientific experiments during their stay in orbit.

Space explorers from the Celestial Empire were the first in the world to conduct some research and achieved outstanding results in a record 6 months in the main module of the Tianhe Space Station.


Li Yinghui, Researcher at the Chinese Cosmonaut Research and Training Center: "The Shenzhou-13 crew conducted scientific experiments based on the data obtained by the previous mission – Shenzhou-12.

These experiments were conducted as part of the study of the astronauts' health in zero gravity, and the taikonauts are also collecting data for subsequent scientific discoveries."


The state of weightlessness is ideal for the study of the origin of life. During the mission, Chinese cosmonauts created a long-term cell culture system and cell models. Experiments were also conducted with muscle cells of the heart.


Li Yinghui, Researcher at the Chinese Cosmonaut Research and Training Center: "On the one hand, this technology will be useful for understanding cardiovascular changes in astronauts in zero gravity.

On the other hand, it also provides a good experimental model for studying public health, regeneration and human aging. This concerns longevity and the occurrence of heart disease."


In addition, Chinese researchers have completed the world's first long-term experiment on growing skin stem cells in zero gravity. The Shenzhou-13 mission was launched in October last year. This is the longest stay of the Taikonauts in orbit in the history of the Celestial space program.


The builders of the Ice Ribbon Stadium were the first to be invited to the Olympic facility The National Skating Stadium, which was one of the main venues of the Winter Olympic Games, will soon open its doors to the general public.

Everyone will be able to ride on his huge skating rink and watch the competitions. But before the official opening, the builders of the Olympic facility and their families were invited there with an excursion.


The skating stadium, which is also called the "Ice Ribbon" due to its shape, is famous for its conceptual design and advanced technology. During the Winter Games, ten Olympic records were set there and one world record was broken.


Li Shaohua, Construction Manager of the National Skating Stadium: "We feel a great sense of satisfaction seeing the result of our work.

When the stadium is opened to everyone, we hope that people from all walks of life will be able to come here and ride, as well as watch the competition." The site will open to visitors at the end of April.


The stadium management promises that every winter sports fan will find something to their liking here.


Southwest provinces of China harvest fruits and vegetables Peaches, jackfruits and beans - the harvest is in full swing in southern China.



Almost 40 hectares are occupied by plantations of jackfruit, or breadfruit, in Yunnan province. The income from his harvest will be more than two million yuan. Farm workers note that they have spent years improving the taste of fruit.


Chen Yunyun, farm worker: "Our fruit trees were planted in November 2017.

But until this year, we almost did not put the crop up for sale. Today we want to offer consumers something of high quality, something unusual."


Meanwhile, an agrotechnological company in the neighboring city of Kaiyuan, after many years of efforts, has bred two new varieties of peach. They ripen two months earlier than most other varieties of sweet fruit. This allows the farm to be the first in the region to earn on the love of summer treats, and the residents of other counties benefit most from cultivation peas and beans.


Tang Zewen, official, Luliang County: "We planted peas on about 100 hectares and earned a total of 24 million yuan."

Thanks to such a rich harvest, farmers expect that their incomes will grow this year compared to previous ones.


Icebergs formed on Lake Ulyungur in Xinjiang A wonderful sight can be seen on Lake Ulyungur in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Spring has come to many regions of the country for a long time, but real icebergs have formed here on the surface of the reservoir due to strong winds.


In winter, this lake always freezes. And in the spring, when the temperature rises, the broken pieces of ice drift to the shore. The wind pushes them to the ground, they accumulate and gather in rows of arc-shaped icebergs. Some of them reach a height of up to several meters. Ice walls extend for tens of kilometers on the surface of the lake. The rare beauty of the landscape has already attracted photographers and nature lovers from all over the country.


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