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Outstripping growth, new drugs from COVID-19, back in the sky, earthquake in Xinjiang — see "Chinese Panorama"-473

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Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 473):
  • Guangdong Province relies on high-quality economic development Regulator approves two Chinese coronavirus drugs
  • Mitigation of anti-bullying measures in China will help revive the global civil aviation industry
  • An earthquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred in Xinjiang

Guangdong Province relies on high-quality economic development

A conference on high-quality economic development was held in Guangdong Province. It brought together more than 25 thousand businessmen, government representatives and experts of various profiles to discuss the potential of the region and plans for 2023. The leitmotif of the discussions was the choice of tools that will help strengthen the economy and the production sector of the province, optimize export flows and the business climate.

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Huang Kunming, Secretary of the CPC Party Committee of Guangdong Province: "For Guangdong Province, high—quality development is an inevitable modernization strategy.
With such a high population and limited resources as we have, it would be unwise to compete with other regions on the basis of low cost of land, products and labor. Instead, we should invest serious efforts in improving quality — this year and in the next 5, 10, 30 years. Then Guangdong will begin a new round of advanced economic development."

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Wang Mingxiang, Chairman of the Management Board of an industrial company: "Guangdong Province has the best business climate in China, and it is the leader in terms of production.
That's why we moved our headquarters here, to the Maoming City District. I called on my management team to settle in it."

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Guangdong is often called the world factory. This province has been ranked first in China in terms of gross regional product for 34 years in a row. Last year, it reached almost 13 trillion yuan. The region accounts for more than one tenth of the total Chinese production.

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Regulator approves two Chinese coronavirus drugs

The State Administration for Quality Control of Food and Medicines of the People's Republic of China has approved and registered two coronavirus drugs developed in China.

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Clinical trials have shown their high effectiveness in the treatment of patients in a state of moderate severity. Both drugs are available in the form of tablets. One of the drugs is produced by a pharmaceutical company from Hainan Province, the other is sent to the shelves of pharmacies from Shanghai.

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Easing anti-bullying measures in China will help revitalize the global civil aviation industry

Chinese fans of foreign travel again go on vacation abroad, the vast majority — for the first time in three years. This became possible after the weakening of anti-covid restrictions in the Middle Kingdom. In the pre-pandemic 2019, travelers from China made tens of millions of trips to other countries and spent more than 127 billion dollars abroad. The return of Chinese tourists promises to revitalize the global aviation industry and give a new impetus to the development of travel agencies around the globe.

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Rob Morris, Head of Consulting at Ascend by Cirium analytical holding: "For most of last year, we discussed China's key role as a pillar for the global economic recovery.
The launch of an international air service in China is able to restore the flow of outbound tourism. This is a powerful boost for the global industry."

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According to the International Air Transport Association, the return of Chinese tourists will be of particular importance for the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Last year they took about half as many passengers from the PRC compared to the pre-pandemic level. This has had a negative impact on the local aviation industry, especially in Singapore, which does not have a domestic air transportation market, unlike its neighbors. The number of flights between China and Singapore is still limited now, and ticket prices are several times more expensive than before the coronavirus. However, local businesses are optimistic about the future and expect a gradual resumption of tourist trips from China.

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Rob Morris, Head of Consulting at Ascend by Cirium analytical holding: "Now airlines are struggling to return the number of flights and passengers to the level that was before the pandemic.
But it takes a lot of time and effort."

Chinese airlines also benefit from the easing of anti-smoking policies. Their fleets include wide-body aircraft, which are great for international flights, but are currently operated mainly domestically.

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Rob Morris, Head of Consulting at Ascend by Cirium analytical holding: "Now the airlines of the People's Republic of China have a great opportunity to resume the operation of their aircraft on international routes."

The situation in the civil aviation industry continues to be destabilized by high fuel prices, delays in the supply of new aircraft and spare parts, inflation and the risk of further development of the pandemic. However, with the return of Chinese passengers, the industry will be one step closer to ending the crisis.

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An earthquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred in Xinjiang

Tremors of magnitude 6.1 were recorded in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. This was reported by the Chinese Seismological Department. The earthquake was located at a depth of 50 kilometers in the Shakhyar county of Aksu district.

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After seismic fluctuations in the region, an emergency response plan came into force. Railway workers checked the condition of tracks, bridges, tunnels and signaling equipment in areas where tremors were felt. The Urumqi Railway Department reported that due to the cataclysm, the movement of eight passenger trains temporarily stopped. Information about the destruction and victims of the earthquake has not yet been received.

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