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On Yamal, 4.5 thousand volunteers cleared 77 km of the coast from garbage

17.11.2021 174 просмотров

In total, more than 1.8 cubic meters were collected. m of garbage.

More than 1.8 thousand cubic meters m of garbage was removed from the banks of the rivers Ob, Taz, Nadym, Pur and others in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YNAO) following the results of the All-Russian action "Water of Russia". About 4,500 local residents joined the cleaning of 77 km of the coast, the press service of the government of Yamal reported on Tuesday. Ob, Taz, Nadym, Pur and other water bodies located within the boundaries of settlements. <...> Residents of 44 municipalities joined the action "Water of Russia", 4,500 people took part in it - these are employees of administrations, enterprises of the fuel and energy complex, schoolchildren, students, activists of youth movements," the message says, specifying that 77 km of the coast have been cleared of garbage.

The press service clarified that most of the garbage is household waste. They were taken to landfills and disposed of. The most massive cleanup took place in Noyabrsk, 2.5 thousand people took part in it.

The "Water of Russia" action is part of the federal project "Preservation of unique water objects" of the national project "Ecology". The project has been implemented since 2014, Yamal has been participating in it since 2018. During this time, more than 5 thousand cubic meters were collected from the banks of water bodies. m of garbage.

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