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On May 8, the parade "Malchish-Kibalchish" took place in Cherkessk

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On May 8, in the capital of the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia - the city of Cherkessk - a parade of the "Malchish-Kibalchish" movement was held. 

About half a thousand junior and middle school students marched through the center of the city to the sounds of a march in front of the podium of honored guests.

The holiday review was timed to coincide with the Victory Day. During the event, the participants read fervent speeches, competed for the best knowledge of the history of the Second World War.
The young soldiers were divided into detachments, and each division performed its own combat song. Music of the war years flowed from loudspeakers.

Cherkessk City Hall pays great attention to the patriotic education of youth and the cause of continuity of generations. A representative of the regional mass media
was told about this by an employee of the press service of the local municipality. 

The procession of the parade of young defenders of the Fatherland and history lovers passed from the monument "The Fire of Eternal Glory" in Victory Park to the suburban forest zone, where representatives of the public and the city government had previously equipped a parking lot for the children under the thematic name "Soldier's Halt". There, the participants of the parade, weary of drill training, were offered real hearty soldier's porridge and stew.

, the country and international news. 

The Republican Information Agency quotes one of the participants in the event - Leyla Salpagarova - who considers it necessary to remember the valor of her ancestors. According to the young participant, "due to the fact that our grandparents fought selflessly, we live in peace." 

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