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On May 27, a market track was held dedicated to attracting Italian tourists to Moscow

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More than 140 representatives of the tourism community took part in the event, organized by ANO Project Office for the Development of Tourism and Hospitality in Moscow.

The event was held at the site of the industry community Moscow Tavel Hub. Experts including Gabriele Cavalotti, Aviareps Head of Marketing, Stefania Rossi, Quality Group Product Manager, Tatiana Shechkova, Ipsos Account Director and Irina Skvortsova , Head of the Analytics and Research Department of the ANO Project Office for the Development of Tourism and Hospitality of Moscow, discussed general trends and the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, the secrets of interaction with tourists at the stages of trip planning, and also identified effective channels for promoting services in the Italian tourism market.

Foreign colleagues shared up-to-date information on how Italian tourists are ready to travel in the new realities and what are their expectations from travel. So, according to polls, for Italians travel remains one of the main and most desirable entertainment. At the same time, today the health and protection of the tourist is becoming a significant factor in the decision to travel. Italians are concerned about the safety of the environment and the observance of sanitary requirements in public places. Foreign experts also noted the interest of their compatriots in the unique experience and the study of local features and national cuisine.

Moscow, in turn, presented the market track participants with a study of the behavior of tourists from Italy, which describes in detail how they prepare for the trip, what services they use for this, for what purposes they travel, and how they differ from other Europeans.

For example, more than 40% of Italians travel abroad twice a year, which is less than the average of tourists from other European countries. At the same time, they are 20% more likely than other Europeans to take city breaks. 

Moscow experts noted that Italians buy tours 2-3 months before the trip and most often go on trips with family and friends . To plan and study the destination, tourists from Italy use online sources, guidebooks, official websites of the city.

First of all, Italians are interested in cultural places and events. They like to use public transport and walk along the streets, parks and public spaces to immerse themselves in the rhythm of city life. In Moscow, Italian tourists are attracted by museums and exhibitions, opera, river walks and culinary master classes. Italians actively share their impressions after traveling on social networks: they recommend places, booking services and post photos.

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