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On March 19, Greater Asia celebrates the Day of the Submariner

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The team of the media resource "Greater Asia" congratulates all submariners and its General Director Alexander Lebedev, Captain 1st Rank, a graduate of the Sevastopol Higher Naval Engineering School, who served on nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet.

Watch this day on the Big Asia TV channel films dedicated to the heroic conquerors of the deep sea:

13- 20 (Moscow time) "Admiral of the Fleet Vladimir Chernavin"
19-07 (Moscow time) "General Designer" (2 episodes) 

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The hero of the film < b>"Admiral of the Fleet Vladimir Nikolaevich Chernavin" - Soviet military leader, Hero of the Soviet Union, Admiral of the Fleet, the last Commander-in-Chief of the USSR Navy - Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR.

He began his career as a military sailor in the Caspian Preparatory Higher Naval Red Banner School named after S.M. Kirov, served on diesel submarines of the Northern Fleet, mastered the first nuclear submarines and  commanded "K-21", for the first time laying & nbsp; the path of the nuclear submarine "K-3" to the North Pole. Movie -   modern history of the state, the history of one of its glorious sons.

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The film “General Designer” will tell about the development of the non-nuclear fleet of Russia. 

The film was created  ; at the turn of new records in Russian shipbuilding science and industry, design and construction of the fourth generation of submarines, and tells about the role of the general designer in the creation of novelties of complex technology. The film shows the combat service of a modern submarine fleet, exercises, duel situations of submarines.  

The film for the first time presents a fairly detailed story about the creation of the lead submarine of the Lada type, called the Saint Petersburg, about the problems of testing and putting the future "killer of nuclear submarines" into the series. The viewer will learn about the armament of the submarine and combat advantages, as well as the prospects for the development of underwater non-nuclear shipbuilding. > Day of the Submariner 7.jpg
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The holiday appeared in Russia on March 19, 1906 (March 6, old style), when, by decree of the emperor Nicholas II, a new class of warships was included in the classification of ships of the navy. The Russian fleet was replenished with 20 submarines Trout, Kasatka, Som and Sturgeon. This is evidenced by the order of the Maritime Department of Russia No. 52 dated March 24, 1906, personally signed by the Minister of Marine Admiral Alexei Alekseevich Birilev.  

After the October Revolution of 1917, Submarine Day disappeared from the calendar, but 89 years later it was revived - in 1996, the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral of the Fleet Felix Nikolaevich Gromov, signed order No. 253, which ordered to celebrate the "Submariner's Day" annually on March 19. 
< br> Today Russia has at least 70 submarines, most of which belong to modern, and even the latest developments of both nuclear - 47 nuclear submarines and diesel-electric classes. 

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