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Oman to impose a tax on "vices"

22.03.2019 77 просмотров

Thus, in an Islamic state, they will fight for the health of the nation.

The decree, which has already been signed by Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, imposes a 100% tax on goods that are considered unacceptable for a devout Muslim: alcohol, energy drinks, pork and tobacco. 
For alcohol and food on the beach
in Goa will be fined

Noteworthy TASS reports that the decision taken by the leadership of Oman is in line with the policy pursued by other Islamic states in the region. In 2016, the member countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) signed a tax agreement regarding goods "harmful to health and the environment." 

Following the document, two years ago, Saudi Arabia introduced excises on tobacco and soda, a little later, similar laws were adopted in Bahrain and the UAE. In January of this year, an increased tax on alcohol and pork appeared in Qatar. A bill affecting the sale of energy drinks, tobacco and sweet carbonated drinks is already in the Kuwaiti parliament. 

This position of the Arab states is dictated not only by the desire to follow the norms of Islam. The GCC member countries note the need to develop a healthy lifestyle. According to the Omani Ministry of Health, more than 65% of the country's population suffers from diabetes. About 10% of the adult population of the sultanate abuses tobacco, and up to 40% of citizens become victims of passive smoking. 

It is assumed that the funds collected from the tax on "vices" will be used for useful public services. According to calculations, the treasury will be replenished annually by more than 100 million Omani rials ($260 million).

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