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The Olympiad in Russian language and literature was held in Astana

15.02.2023 Русский дом в Астане 97 просмотров

Russian Russian Russian Russian Language Olympiad "And we will keep you, Russian Speech, the Great Russian Word..." was held by the Kazakhstan branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University together with the Russian House in Astana for schoolchildren.

More than fifty high school students from schools with Russian and Kazakh language of instruction volunteered to test their knowledge and skills.


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"The Olympiad is not just a test of knowledge. This is, first of all, a test of your skills, abilities to delve into problems, analyze them, think outside the box and make creative decisions. All this will be useful to you in adulthood, when you, becoming young specialists, will be forced to prove daily in highly competitive conditions that you are the best. Therefore, your main victories are not victories at the Olympics, they are success there, in the future, where the acquired knowledge and abilities will make you in demand as high–class professionals," Olga Filonova, director of the Russian House in Astana, said in her welcoming speech.


The Olympiad consisted of two rounds. In the first, the participants were asked to conduct a linguistic analysis of the text, and in the second – to write an essay on the chosen topic. The works were evaluated by leading Kazakh Russian scholars and philological experts.

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"The famous Russian scientist Sergei Averintsev once said that philology teaches us to understand not just a word, but to understand a person, society, time through the word. Philology is the science of understanding life. And we believe that many participants of the Olympiad will soon connect their lives with this amazing science and join the ranks of Russian scholars of Kazakhstan," said the head of the Department of Philology, Professor Galina Vlasova.

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All participants of the Olympiad will be awarded with personal diplomas, and the winners will be awarded with commemorative diplomas. Russian Russian House in Astana will present the winners and their teachers with tickets to the performance of the Maxim Gorky Russian Drama Theater "Thunderstorm", staged based on the play of the same name by Alexander Ostrovsky, for the 200th anniversary of the great playwright.

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