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Officials of Blagoveshchensk ride a roller coaster

26.12.2018 52 просмотров

They were the first to appreciate the icy surfaces of the new snow town that opened today.

First, the head of the department for sports and youth affairs of Blagoveshchensk, Eduard Yakimenko, tried the slide. The baton was handed over to him by the head of the city housing and communal services, Sergei Kazantsev. He tested the slides last year.

Festive events in many regions< br>  Russia began long before December 31 
made ice cold. Specialists adopted this technology from Chinese craftsmen from Harbin. Such a descent is safer than plank flooring, Blagoveshchensk workers say.

In total, there are 7 slides in the snow town. The highest is 6.5 meters. The kids have already taken over. The site also created 20 snow and 25 ice sculptures. The main attraction of the town was a four-meter LED Christmas tree toy.

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