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Nur-Sultan began to vaccinate with the Chinese drug Sinopharm produced by the United Arab Emirates

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In the capital of Kazakhstan, vaccination against coronavirus with the Chinese company Sinopharm, which is produced in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has recently started. 

Kazakhstan recently purchased a million doses of this vaccine for just over $31 per dose. While the first batch of 400 thousand doses was delivered to the country, they have already been distributed to all regions of the country.

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The first batch of Chinese vaccine called Hayat Vax of 300 doses was delivered to the vaccination station of Nur-Sultan city polyclinic. On the first day, 9 people were vaccinated with it.

"I believe it is my personal opinion, but also the media, that in the future it will be more quoted when traveling abroad. Therefore, I decided to [vaccinate] with the Chinese [vaccine] ], so that later you can safely cross the border,” said Ruslan Kulbaev, a resident of Nur-Sultan.

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The vaccine has a number of advantages over analogues from other manufacturers. It is stored at a temperature of +2 to +8 degrees Celsius, which is optimal for transportation, and also has no serious side reactions and is easily tolerated.

"Hayat [Wax]" vaccine is very convenient. The first patient came up, we open the dose with him and immediately inoculate. And the Russian vaccine comes in two components. One component opens for 5 people. We invite 5 people each,” said Saltanat Bekseitova, head of the department of medical practice at polyclinic No. 13 of Nur-Sultan.

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The vaccine was produced in the United Arab Emirates using Chinese technology. According to local doctors, many locals choose Hayat Vax for various reasons, but mainly because of their trust in Chinese medicine. Until then, this is [important]. There are oralmans (ethnic Kazakh repatriates) from China, that is, their relatives from China told them that this vaccine was good, and they came to us and looked for this vaccine. These are the moments. And now I see a very good mood," said Maikamal Yeselbayeva, a doctor at the Salauatty Astana medical organization.

Now the Hayat Vax vaccine is available in all regions of the country. Almaty, the country's largest metropolis, has received 15 thousand vaccines so far. doses, in Nur-Sultan - 7.5 thousand.

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Timur Muratov, head of the Public Health Department of Nur-Sultan, noted that the country is currently making a list of medical organizations, SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses) and vaccination points.In general, the confirmed supply plan for May is 57,000 vaccines.

At the moment, Kazakhstanis are offered three vaccines to choose from: the Russian "Sputnik V", the Kazakhstani QazVac and Chinese Hayat Vax.
Aizhan Esmagambetova, Chairman of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Committee Control of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, indicated that the Hayat Vax and QazVac drugs used today are vaccines that are prepared using a long-known technology. These are inactivated vaccines using a whole virus that is inactivated by heat or chemicals, and the Sputnik V vaccine is a vectored vaccine. Aizhan Esmagambetovais confident that regardless of the method of development, all these vaccines are effective and safe.

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The Chinese vaccine, like the Kazakh one, is two-phase. Patients can receive the second dose in 2-4 weeks. So far, it is being vaccinated only in medical organizations where the medical staff has been instructed.

Meanwhile, vaccination in Kazakhstan is gaining momentum. According to the Ministry of Health, its rate has increased 12 times. About 135 thousand people are vaccinated per day. To date, Kazakhstanis have access to 2.3 million doses of vaccines.

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