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Nur-Sultan and Alma-Ata left the “red zone” due to COVID-19

30.10.2021 91 просмотров

In Kazakhstan, the incidence of coronavirus is declining. Recently, 1,300 new cases were detected there per day, although back in August there were four to five times more.

"So, under a pessimistic scenario, the average daily number of registered cases in November will be up to 1800 cases, in December - up to 2350 cases. According to a realistic scenario, in November - up to 1650 cases, in December - up to 1600 cases per day," the Minister of Health said. Alexei Tsoi of Kazakhstan, commenting on the forecasts for the coming months.

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Now most of the country's territory is in the "green" zone in terms of incidence, Nur-Sultan has also changed its red color. The tense situation with coronavirus in the capital has persisted since the beginning of March.

The positive dynamics is explained by active vaccination, which 39% of the population has completed.

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Local authorities promise that in case of further improvement of the epidemiological situation, quarantine measures will be relaxed. First of all, this will affect cafes, theaters and banquet halls. Their opening hours will last another hour, and the owners of these establishments will have the opportunity to increase the number of visitors by 20%.

At the same time, epidemiological control is expected to be strengthened at the state border due to the aggravation of the situation with coronavirus in neighboring countries.

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