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The new school in Dushanbe, built by Russia, received its first students.

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The new school in Dushanbe, built by Russia, received its first students.

A solemn line-up on the occasion of the opening of a new Russian-language school built by Russia in Dushanbe took place on Friday with the participation of representatives of the Russian Embassy in Tajikistan, the Ministries of Education of the two countries and journalists.

According to the correspondent of TASS, students of the first grades with classroom teachers lined up at the school building, which bears the name of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Children with flowers in their hands looked around impatiently, waiting for the first call in their school life and the beginning of the first lesson.

Representatives of the Russian Embassy, educational departments of Tajikistan and Russia congratulated first-graders on the beginning of the school year, wishing them success in their studies and a peaceful sky. Director Vladimir Gudkov told about the features of the school. "It is gratifying that the children from Tajikistan will study according to the federal state educational standard — these are the requirements that are necessary for admission to universities in both Tajikistan and Russia," he stressed.

Gudkov added that the management and staff of the school have a special responsibility. "All possible comfortable conditions will be created for the two fraternal peoples — the people of Russia and the people of Tajikistan — to be together in a single educational space," the director said and introduced the class leaders of the first classes.

At the end of the line, the anthems of Russia and Tajikistan were played, and the students, together with their mentors, entered the school building.

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