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North Korea celebrates Youth Day

04.09.2021 177 просмотров

Thousands of young men and women from all over the country came to Pyongyang to celebrate Youth Day. 

The guests were welcomed by schoolchildren and students from the capital. This year, the public holiday is celebrated for the 30th time, and therefore the celebration was extended for several days and held on a special scale. Fireworks and dances were held on the main square of the city - Kim Il Sung Square.

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Youth welcomed and the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un. The head of state held a separate meeting with distinguished young men. The North Korean news agency reports that these young people have volunteered to work in difficult sectors, however, it is not reported which ones.

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The youth of North Korea has repeatedly performed heroic deeds of labor. During the years of socialist construction, the Workers' Party of Korea gave priority to the youth, and it was they who were the driving force in the construction of new buildings, roads, factories and coal mines.

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Today, according to the North Korean media, the young generation is still the same "full of revolutionary enthusiasm to celebrate the history and tradition of the Korean youth movement."

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