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No patient dies from COVID-19 in Bangkok central hospital

30.04.2020 106 просмотров

In Thailand, as in other countries, doctors show everyday heroism.

In the Thai capital of Bangkok, at the Chulalongkom Royal Memorial Hospital, nurse Suparwadi Tantrarattanapong works 12-hour days in the infectious disease department without the right to take off her protective suit and goggles. At the end of the working day, she barely has the strength to take a shower, change clothes and walk home. Suparwadi sleeps separately from her husband for fear of infecting him with the coronavirus.

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"My biggest fear is getting infected and bringing the disease home," admits Suparwadi Tantrarattanapong. "But I still don't leave patients. I tell them they're fighting not alone - that we are with them". 

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The duties of a nurse include, among other things, minute-by-minute knowledge of the condition of patients, and even psychological help, which patients urgently need.

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< br> The staff of the hospital is justifiably proud of the not only received 200 infected during the coronavirus pandemic, but also managed not to lose a single one of them at the end of April.

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