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Nikita Mikhalkov proposed to establish the Eurasian "Oscar"

27.05.2022 ТАСС 74 просмотров

Director Nikita Mikhalkov proposed to create the Eurasian Film Academy and establish its award.

Chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of RussiaNikita Mikhalkov initiated the creation of the Eurasian Film Academy and the establishment of its award, which should become an analogue of the Oscar. He said this on Thursday in Bishkek during the first Eurasian Economic Forum.

"It should be an expensive prize that should be fought for," he said. In his opinion, the founder of the film award should be the new Eurasian Film Academy.

As he thinks Nikita Mikhalkov, in recent years, there has been a "powerful attack on cultural civilization" on the part of Western states. This led to the fact that art began to be called something that "is not it." He believes that it is possible to protect oneself from this, to preserve cultural and moral values, only with the help of the "Eurasian civilization".

Creation of the Eurasian Film Academy and its film awardsNikita Mikhalkov considers it necessary first of all for the "development of the Eurasian space". "This will be a self—defense mechanism for the essence of Eurasianism," he is convinced.

"We must save the most precious thing we have, based on the cultural and moral traditions that unite us," he stressed Nikita Mikhalkov.

About 2.5 thousand representatives of government agencies and businesses from 25 countries of the world are taking part in the first Eurasian Economic Forum in Bishkek. Within the framework of the event, there are six discussion platforms. It is expected that after the meeting, ten agreements and memoranda on cooperation of a non-commercial nature will be signed, among other things.

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