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Newlyweds in Israel kiss while wearing masks

29.04.2020 61 просмотров

In Israel, as in other countries of the world, love overcomes all obstacles.

Therefore, despite the ban on mass gatherings, the young couple decided to marry without waiting for the end of the COVID 19 pandemic. The newlyweds looked especially touching in masks and gloves. And before approaching the newlywed, her happy chosen one carefully disinfected his hands.

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"We want to live happily ever after, that's why we wear gloves and masks, and wipe our hands with alcohol," said newlywed Osnat Baron. "Now we are forbidden to arrange real big weddings, so we we celebrate in a narrow circle."

"We comply with all sanitary rules," the newly-married husband Yaniv Enger confirmed the words of his wife.

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Both spouses are natives of Jerusalem. Initially, they planned a parade event with four hundred guests. But the epidemic has made significant adjustments to the plans of young people.

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As of April 28, 15,466 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Israel with 9 million people; 202 people have died.

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