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new TV program will be the result of cooperation between IATH and "Greater Asia"

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The International Academy of Technological Sciences and the media resource "Greater Asia" signed a Cooperation Agreement.

International Academy of Technological SciencesInternational Academy of Technological Sciences and Big Asia TV Channel as part of the signing of a strategic partnership agreement.  

Today's agreement is the next stage of cooperation between the TV channel "Big Asia" and our website with the International Academy of Technological Sciences, - said Alexander Lebedev, General Director of the TV channel " Greater Asia”. - We see that our colleagues lack a media platform to promote not only the Academy itself, but also the partners of the Academy. And today we are actually creating a new media platform within the TV channel and website, which will promote information about achievements in Russian-Asian cooperation. And most importantly, we will start attracting experts who will give news already with a certain position.” 

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Over the 27 years of its existence, the International Academy has managed to build strong business relationships with European colleagues. As for the eastern direction - and it is there that the main achievements in the field of science, culture and education are now concentrated - it, in the opinion of President of the Academy Insaf Saifullin, remains open for the time being. 

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< br> “On the one hand, we want to show what technologies we have and, as far as possible, transfer technologies from our eastern neighbors in the interests of Russia,” shared his plans for the near future Insaf Saifullin, 
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It was no accident that the International Academy chose the Big Asia TV channel as its media partner. This unique media platform is a real window to Asia.  24 hours a day, viewers can receive an original, positive information flow, watch the daily news of the regions and information about the events of international cooperation. Politicians, diplomats, experts and businessmen regularly speak on the air. 

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in our opinion, a media company, since it is mainly engaged in the coverage of the Asian Pacific direction, where, unfortunately, we, the International Academy of Technological Sciences, have not yet had such obvious successes.

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experts deeply immersed in the topic of science, technology, new technologies, could interestingly tell what is happening in this world. And it is not only this task. We want the viewer and the user of the site to educate with us and understand how new communications in the field of education, science, technology create conditions for improving relations between peoples and countries. To build relations of trust and mutual understanding in the Russian-Asian segment, - said Alexander Lebedev. -  In fact, we will build a new information bridge, but on a serious topic.” 

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And what's more serious? – The International Academy of Technological Sciences, founded back in 1991, is the first industry organization that specializes in the field of conversion information technologies for key sectors of the Russian economy. Today, the platform brings together more than two hundred technologists - 67 of them have the highest scientific degree of doctors of science. One of the main activities that the Academy is proud of is holding international congresses.

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According to the President of the International Academy of Technological Sciences, international technological congresses on energy, automation, communications and informatization, which have been held since 1992, made it possible to use both regional and federal resources of the executive authorities. Many regulatory documents supporting this work were adopted, representatives of all major industries participated: energy, fuel and energy and defense.

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Today, members of the Academy not only create and develop new technologies, but also act as highly qualified experts in various areas of their activities. 

"Moreover, this expertise is unusual, - explained Insaf Saifullin. - It will be carried out with further support of the exported theme of the project and bringing it to full commercialization from the point of view of the author."

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The first step after signing the agreement will be a new TV program with the participation of experts from the International Academy of Technological Sciences, which viewers of the Great Asia TV channel will be able to watch at the beginning of the new TV season.  

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