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New terminal to open at Shanghai Pudong Airport

09.07.2021 55 просмотров

Shanghai plans to build a new terminal at Pudong International Airport.

The Shanghai authorities are planning to build a new terminal at the Pudong International Airport, which will significantly expand the capacity of this air harbor. Local newspaper Shanghai Daily reported on Friday.

The construction of a new third terminal (T3) will be part of the fourth phase of the expansion project of Pudong Airport, one of the largest in the world. It is expected that the terminal, after commissioning, will be able to serve up to 50 million passengers a year. T3 with a total area of 1.19 million square meters will be located south of the satellite terminal (S1 and S2). Construction start and completion dates have yet to be specified.

“Terminal T3 will set the standard for major domestic airports in terms of passenger handling capabilities from international destinations, as well as the number of racks for aircraft for direct landing and transfer,” the publication quotes the words Vice President of Shanghai Airport Corporation Zhou Junlong. He noted that a transport center with an area of 1.03 million square meters will also be attached to the new terminal, which will provide services for passengers to transfer to flights or to public transport.

The construction of the new terminal, the newspaper writes, will allow two the harbors of the city - Pudong and Hongqiao - to serve more than 130 million passengers and 4.1 million tons of cargo annually by 2025.

Shanghai is one of the largest air transport hubs in the world. The passenger traffic of its Pudong International Airport in 2019 exceeded 76.1 million people, but in 2020, according to some estimates, this figure fell to about 30 million people. At the same time, both Shanghai air harbors in 2020 took over about a third of all international flights at Chinese airports, as well as half of the export and import deliveries of products to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Over the past few years, the company has — The operator of the two Shanghai airports Pudong and Hongqiao has done a lot of work to expand and upgrade their infrastructure. In three years, a large-scale renovation of the first terminal at Hongqiao Airport was carried out, and in September 2019, a new satellite terminal of Pudong International Airport was put into operation, which was built as part of the third phase of the expansion of the air harbor and became the largest in the world. Prior to the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus, he served about 580 flights a day - almost half of the total flow for the entire airport.

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