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New stage of vaccination against COVID-19 starts in Azerbaijan

08.02.2021 55 просмотров

Vaccination against coronavirus for people over 65 begins in Azerbaijan.

Vaccination against coronavirus of persons aged age and older starts from Monday in Azerbaijan.

In order to organize the process, the Compulsory Health Insurance Agency launched a special website, where registration began from 5 February. A registered citizen receives an SMS invitation for vaccination with indicating the day and hour. The system will also automatically determine the date and time of your second dose of vaccine.

In Azerbaijan, vaccination began on January 18. The authorities chose CoronaVac, a drug developed by the Chinese company Sinovac Biotech. It has been contracted to supply 4 million doses of the vaccine. According to the Cabinet of Ministers, 848 thousand doses have already been delivered to the country. The vaccine is delivered in separate batches, it is previously tested for compliance with standards in a specialized laboratory in Turkey. In addition, 2 million more doses of the vaccine recommended by the World Health Organization will be delivered to the country in early April as part of the COVAX initiative.

According to the vaccination strategy for 2021-2022 developed by the authorities, the first stage covers health workers, people over 65 years of age and law enforcement officers involved in anti-epidemic measures. At the second stage, people with chronic diseases who are at risk, employees of the education system and the social sector, transport, telecommunications, postal and banking workers will be vaccinated.

According to data at the end of last week, 65 thousand children have already been vaccinated. a person, mostly medical people. This procedure is voluntary and free of charge for the public.

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