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New Russian UAV has unique properties

15.04.2021 99 просмотров

ZALA presented the first Russian quadcopter immune to electronic warfare.

ZALA Aero (part of the Kalashnikov group of companies of the Rostec State Corporation) has developed the first Russian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the ZALA 421-24 quadrocopter type, invulnerable to electronic warfare (EW). This was announced to TASS during the presentation of the new UAV by the head of ZALA Aero special projects Nikita Khamitov.

“We made a solution on this copter that allows you to fly in full radio silence mode. We give it a point on the map, completely turn off the communication channel and GPS, and send it to the coordinate. The on-board computer forms a cloud of points on the ground and is already flying relative to the ground. It can return from absolutely any point of the flight if we have jammed the connection or GPS,” Nikita Khamitov informed.

According to him, the flight time of the new quadcopter is about 40 minutes, and the range flight - about 5 km. ZALA 421-24 can be equipped with a video camera and a thermal imaging device.

According to the Kalashnikov press service, the device is difficult to detect in the air due to its low acoustic and visual visibility. “The device is controlled by a hand controller and allows operation from a mobile vehicle. The ease of operation of the drone allows one person to use the system,” the press service informed.

ZALA Aero is one of the leading Russian developers and manufacturers of unmanned aerial systems and mobile systems. Since January 2015, the company has been part of the Kalashnikov group of companies.

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