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New inexpensive car will be created in Uzbekistan

10.06.2019 171 просмотров

It is planned to release a model from the Ravon brand.

Rustam Kadyrov, head of the strategic planning department of Uzavtosanoat, spoke about this. We are talking about a sedan or hatchback, the price of which will be $10,000, and a small SUV for $15,000.

Scooters and motorcycles
to be produced in Uzbekistan
“We are preparing models that will be more popular. I think that in the near future we will officially announce and notify everyone. There are developments in this matter,” Rustam Kadyrov said.

He also noted that new cars will be presented soon. They intend to assemble them simultaneously with the cars that are already being produced at the GM Uzbekistan enterprise. 

Now the plant produces eight models under the Ravon and Chevrolet brands, including crossovers, hatchbacks, sedans and minivans. 

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