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New Guinness World Record set in Beirut

16.05.2018 110 просмотров

Students from one of the higher educational institutions in Lebanon set a new record, which was officially entered into the Book of Records: they made the world's largest national flag from notebooks.

At one of the stadiums in the Lebanese capital, a group of students, with the support of professors, administrators and staff of the American University of Beirut, created the world's largest national flag from 60,000 notebooks. The achievement was established as part of the Share the flag project. 

Before the start of the event, those present solemnly sang the national anthem and the anthem of the educational institution. Lebanese Minister of Culture Dr. Ghattas Khoury, representatives of the President and the Parliament of the country, the Guinness Book of Records and journalists were present at the stadium. 

After the record was set, the composition was dismantled, and the used notebooks will be donated to the students of Lebanese schools .

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