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New Centers for Traditional Chinese Medicine Established in China

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Watch the information and publicistic program "Chinese Panorama" on TV channel "Greater Asia" (Issue 59):
  • China has achieved unprecedented success in parasport
  • < i> New centers of traditional Chinese medicine established in the Middle Kingdom 
  • Experts have strengthened the protection of rare Bride's whales 

China has made great progress in parasport

China's 18 gold, 21 silver and 23 bronze medals at the Paralympic Games, as well as a rapidly growing number of amateur athletes, demonstrate that China has achieved unprecedented success in parasport.


Before this year Chinese athletes did not win medals at the Paralympic Winter Games, but this time the situation has changed. Athletes won major awards in four disciplines - alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and biathlon! Almost all Paralympians took part in the Games for the first time. 


Such incredible results are the result of China's active policy to involve disabled people in professional sports. Research institutions also help them grow and win competitions. Within the framework of the national program "Technology and the Winter Olympic Games", scientists have developed a number of high-tech sports assistive devices for the disabled.


Dong Liquan, Deputy Director, Center for Assistive Devices and Human Technology with disabilities:

“In the future, these technologies will be widely used for the rehabilitation and use in the home of the disabled and the elderly. Such people will be able to better integrate into society.” 


The past Paralympic Games and sports programs of local authorities have increased the interest of the Chinese in winter sports. 

Liu Suling, Beijing resident:

, can also show excellent results on the ice arena and on the ski slopes. Growing self-confidence plays a role in healing the body and mind!”


Comfort and health care for the disabled in China is part of the National Fitness Strategy. It includes special complex sports programs and improvement of the barrier-free environment in sports centers. In addition, the classes promote social integration, which many people with disabilities experience difficulties.


Lu Yinglu is a popular Chinese video blogger. Five years ago, she was in a car accident, after which she stopped walking. It was very difficult for her to come to terms with this.

Lu Yingliu, vlogger:

“I didn’t understand why this happened with me. I envied my peers around me who could live normal lives. I couldn't."


Life after the accident has become monotonous: food, rehabilitation and sleep. It was a vicious circle, and then Lou realized that she had to break it. She learned to use a wheelchair and became more free to move around. After a while, the girl got stronger and began to play sports. Last year, the athlete won gold medals in women's doubles and team table tennis competitions among people with disabilities. Lou also has other hobbies: swimming and traveling.


Lu Yingliu, video blogger:

“Sunflowers always follow the sun. I want to be a sunflower, I want to overcome trials with a positive and optimistic attitude.”

Rehabilitation, fitness and sports for the disabled are now part of China's national fitness strategy. The main goal is to achieve equal opportunities for all citizens of the country.


New centers of traditional Chinese medicine established in China

The Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China has published the second list of 14 traditional Chinese medicine centers that will develop this industry at home and abroad.

KP-59- 19.jpg

In 2019, China approved the first list of 17 centers of traditional Chinese medicine. In three years, the employees of these centers have achieved a lot: they opened 84 overseas branches in 16 countries and regions, including Japan, Switzerland and Australia, and signed more than 500 cooperation agreements. The centers work in the field of diagnostics, treatment, research, education. 


Xu Feng, Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Xiyuan Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences:

"We spread our knowledge in various ways - lectures, publications in local media, free treatment and organization of field consultations." 


Recently, the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine sent a team of experts to Cambodia to help fight COVID-19.

Xu Fengqin, Vice President of Xiyuan Hospital at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences:

“Today, traditional Chinese Healthcare plays an important role in the fight against COVID-19 in Cambodia. Many infected people are treated with it.” 


Employees of Chinese medicine centers are also active on the Internet: they have created 40 online platforms for electronic diagnostics and treatment, as well as distance learning.

Specialists have strengthened the protection of rare Bride's whales

Since last year, Bride's whales have been under state protection of the first category. To better protect endangered whales, the PRC Maritime Security Administration has stepped up monitoring and patrols in the waters off Weizhou Island. Here, rare animals can be seen from September to May. 


For seven years in a row they have been coming here in search of food. At the beginning of March, at least five Bryde's minke whales were spotted by the Marine Surveillance Vessel. These predatory mammals live mainly in tropical and subtropical waters, their body length is from 10 to 12 meters, and they can weigh up to 15 tons.

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