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Nepal suspends international flights from May 6

03.05.2021 78 просмотров

The Russians were advised to leave the country.

The government of Nepal has completely suspended all domestic flights since May 3 and announced the suspension of international flights from May 6. As reported on Monday by phone correspondent. TASS Russian Ambassador to Nepal Aleksey Novikov, the Russian Embassy appeals to the Russians with a request to postpone trips to this Himalayan state to a later time, and also recommends those Russian citizens who are already in Nepal to return to Russia.

“We are officially notified that the government of Nepal has decided to suspend domestic flights from today and close international flights from next Thursday due to the sharply worsening epidemiological situation. Hospitals in Nepal are experiencing a shortage of vacant beds and a lack of equipment and medicines,” said Aleksey Novikov.

He added that the embassy strongly recommends that all Russian citizens in Nepal fly home for the remaining few days.

“We appeal to Russian citizens with a request to leave this country as soon as possible against the backdrop of a sharply deteriorating situation with coronavirus infection,” the head of the Russian diplomatic mission emphasized. He noted that the dates for which flights are suspended have not yet been announced.

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