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Nepal begins emergency evacuation of foreign tourists

28.03.2020 100 просмотров

Nepal sends visitors home.

Nepal, the highest mountain country in the world, located in the Himalayas, has decided to stop civil air traffic and inbound tourism until the end of the epidemic of the coronavirus raging in the world.

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office of Nepal Dhananjay Regmi - According to the rules, we must make sure before evacuation that a 14-day quarantine is observed.So when a foreigner enters the rescue service, we first of all check his entry visa to find out if he has already spent on our territory 2 weeks Then we test him to determine his health status.

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For some time now, the Nepalese authorities have been gathering foreign citizens to the capital of the Republic of Kathmandu, and after urgent measures have been taken to sort out patients and diagnose coronavirus, they begin to evacuate visitors to their home countries. According to available information, about five hundred climbers, mostly from European countries, remained in the mountains on hiking trails. 

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Local doctors work in close contact with the embassies of the states whose natives are subject to export. It is the diplomats of the countries of origin of the unlucky climbers who provide the entire logistical part of the operation. Currently, 5 cases of the dangerous infection have been officially registered in the country.

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