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Naval military exercises ended in the Far East

12.11.2020 176 просмотров

Ships of the Pacific Fleet have returned to Vladivostok after a five-month voyage.

The ships of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) "Nikolai Vilkov", "Admiral Nevelskoy", "Oslyablya" and "Peresvet" arrived in Vladivostok after a five-month trip, in which they took part in exercises in the Arctic. This was announced on Thursday by the press service of the Eastern Military District (VVO) for the Pacific Fleet.

“Today, a ship landing group (KDG) returned to Vladivostok from a long five-month campaign, consisting of large landing ships Nikolai Vilkov, Admiral Nevelskoy, "Oslyabya" and & nbsp; "Peresvet". During the sailing period, the KDG under the command of Captain First Rank Gennady Poddubny was involved in naval exercises with grouping of forces in the far sea zone and in the Ocean Shield -2020 naval exercise,  .

It is clarified that during the "Ocean Shield - 2020" exercise, for the first time, amphibious assault was landed on the unequipped coast of the Chukotka Peninsula. Also, landing ships in the conditions of the Arctic ensured the transportation of personnel, equipment and cargo.

In total, during the campaign, the group of ships passed more than 23 thousand miles. nautical miles.

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