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National Guard specialist answered questions about contract service

04.02.2022 125 просмотров

The Department of the Russian Guard in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug is increasingly receiving calls from young people who have served on conscription. & nbsp;

Residents of the district who have returned from the army are interested in the requirements for entering contract service in the troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, the conditions for professional growth, the amount of monetary allowance and social guarantees. Major Leonardo Bystritsky, a recruiting specialist of the territorial body, answered the most common questions of Naryanmar residents.

“The main requirements for candidates are: age up to 35 years for employees and up to 40 years for military personnel, possession of a military ID, no criminal record and gross offenses, health suitability for service in the Far North. Education - not lower than secondary general complete or secondary vocational. No less important are the motives, the desire to improve qualifications. Contract service is a conscious choice of the profession of a defender of the Fatherland, so all applicants undergo psychological testing,” said Major Bystritsky.

to the place of the main vacation for each soldier, employee and one member of his family. Those who move from other regions and do not have their own housing are paid monthly compensation for hiring or renting housing: about 16 thousand rubles for one person, 23 thousand for a family of two, and 28 thousand rubles for a family of three. Taking into account the preferential calculation - in two years - in the NAO, all categories of personnel of the Russian Guard are entitled to a social pension after 10 calendar years of service. 

“In simple words: a young man who came to us on a contract immediately after the army at the age of 19, at 29 he is already entitled to a pension, which does not exclude the possibility of further work or service. As a rule, by this time, military personnel acquire their own housing through a savings-mortgage system. Unlike a conventional mortgage, while the contractor is serving, payments for it are made by the state. In the Far North, military personnel are also paid increased allowances, up to 70 thousand rubles for the positions of privates, sergeants and warrant officers, and in addition to clothing items they are given food rations. In fact, all conditions have been created for comfortable service for both local residents and those moving from other regions,” added Major Leonardo Bystritsky.

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