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Narendra Modi appeared in public in clothes made of recycled plastic

09.02.2023 ТАСС 54 просмотров

The Prime Minister of India spoke in parliament in an outfit made of recycled plastic.

The head of the Indian government, Naredra Modi, made a speech in the upper house of parliament on Wednesday in clothes made of recycled plastic about the transition to a green economy and the creation of a closed cycle for recycling plastic waste in the country.

"India is making great efforts to transition to a green economy, which involves reducing the use of plastic products, their recycling and reuse. The country is already sewing clothes from fabric created on the basis of recycled plastic bottles, 100 million of which India will recycle annually to go a long way to ensuring environmental protection," Modi was quoted as saying by the Economic Times newspaper.

The Prime Minister spoke from the parliamentary rostrum in a bandhgal national jacket, the sky-blue fabric for which was created from recycled plastic bottles.

On Monday, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers personally presented clothes made of such material at the Energy Week of India-2023, which opened in Bangalore.

The initiative of tailoring under the Unbottled brand, the material for which is recycled polyester with the addition of cotton, belongs to one of the largest oil companies in India, Indian oil. She started sewing such uniforms and clothes for her employees, military personnel and retail customers. It takes 28 recycled plastic bottles to make one set.

In 2022, the Indian government banned the production and use of several types of disposable plastic products.

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