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Named the leading countries in the number of vaccinated against coronavirus

17.02.2021 109 просмотров

Israel, the Seychelles and the United Arab Emirates have vaccinated more than half of the population against the coronavirus.

The share of the vaccinated population during the vaccination campaign against coronavirus has already exceeded 50% in  three countries - Israel, the Seychelles and the United Arab Emirates, according to TASS summary calculations based on official information and  media materials.

The largest proportion of those vaccinated in Israel -71.79%. In the  Seychelles and  in UAE, a little more than half of the population -53.62% and 52.49% of the inhabitants, respectively, were vaccinated.

Also among the countries with the highest proportion of vaccinated is the United Kingdom, where, taking into account the overseas territories and the Channel Islands, 23.61% of citizens were vaccinated. In the United States, about 16.44% of the population has already been vaccinated, in Bahrain - 15.44%, in Serbia - 11.51%, in Malta - 10.38%, in Chile - 10, 13%.

According to the number of vaccinations made, the United States occupies the first place (53.8 million). The top three also include China and the United Kingdom, where the number of vaccinated significantly exceeded 10 million.

In total, according to TASS estimates, at least 173.4 million people, or 2.22% of the world's population, have been vaccinated in the world.

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