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Nalchik hosts youth forum "For peace and harmony"

13.04.2018 91 просмотров

In Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkaria) a quarterly youth forum "For peace and harmony" has started. About 100 local students took part in it.

The main goal of the forum is the development of the movement of volunteers and creative initiative. The organizers of the event also invite guests to discuss a number of topics within the framework of seminars taking place during the days of the forum. Classes will be devoted to such topics as the prevention of asocial phenomena among young people, the awakening of initiative, interpersonal relations, self-government, ways to resolve conflicts. 

Organizers are trying to get young people out of a passive state so that young people realize themselves as citizens. The organizer of the forum is Saida Zhanimova, director of the multifunctional youth center of the region. Media "Vestnik Kavkaza" specifies that, according to the director of the center, the event is designed to help students of secondary specialized institutions to resist extremism and terrorism. 

The last forum was held in December, in the Elbrus region. 

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