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Naftali Bennet asked the Israelis not to forget about precautions

05.07.2021 129 просмотров

Israeli Prime Minister urged Israelis to wear masks indoors and avoid crowds.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet called on Sunday for Israelis to wear protective masks indoors and also to avoid crowds in confined spaces to prevent the spread of new strains of coronavirus. The head of the Cabinet made the corresponding statement at the weekly meeting of the Israeli government.

“I appeal to the  citizens of Israel: wear masks in indoors. It works. Avoid crowds [of people] in enclosed spaces," Bennett's office circulated. The prime minister warned that "if the citizens of Israel do not follow the instructions, and the incidence continues to grow", the Cabinet of Ministers "will consider the possibility of returning some restrictions within the framework of the green pass (certificate of complete vaccination - TASS note)". “For this purpose, if necessary, a meeting of the government commission to combat the coronavirus will be convened,” added Bennett.

The Prime Minister said that after the government's call for vaccination of children aged 12 to 16 years earlier this week, already 100 thousand. adolescents of this age received the first vaccination. “The number of young people vaccinated per day has jumped six times in a week, but this is not enough. Anyone who has not yet been vaccinated, please register today. There are five days left to give the first shot of the vaccine we have, which is nearing its expiration date,” Bennett continued.

Vaccination of Israelis with the drug of the American company Pfizer began on December 20 last year. According to the Ministry of Health, to date, 5.627 million Israelis have received the first dose, and 5.174 million have received the second dose, which is more than 55% of the country's total population of 9.3 million people. According to the report of the Ministry of Health, as of Sunday morning, 2,455 people are sick with covid in Israel, the condition of 35 patients is assessed as serious, 17 are connected to ventilators. Over the past 24 hours, more than 38,000 tests for the  coronavirus and revealed 185 infected, added the department.

On June 25, the Israeli Ministry of Health reinstated the order on the mandatory wearing of protective masks in the premises, canceled on June 15, due to the increase in the number of coronavirus infections . From June 1, Israel lifted all quarantine restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus, except for the requirement to wear protective masks in enclosed spaces. The decision to remove the orders was made by the authorities due to the low and stable level of the spread of coronavirus. In the last decade of June, after the penetration of new strains into the country, the growth in the number of infections resumed.

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