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Unique artifacts of the Sarmatian era have been discovered in the west of Kazakhstan

08.07.2022 ТАСС 168 просмотров

Elements of jewelry from the Sarmatian era have been discovered in Kazakhstan.

During the expedition, Kazakh archaeologists discovered unique artifacts of the Sarmatian era in the Atyrau region of the republic. This was reported on Thursday by the Kazinform agency.

"Archaeologists in one of the mounds managed to find the remains of a woman with gold jewelry. Despite the supposed period of burial — VI–IV centuries BC — the remains are well preserved. A necklace made of yellow metal, presumably made of gold, consisting of spherical figures was found on the woman's neck," said Yerlan Tlekkabylov, a junior researcher at the Local History Museum.

According to him, iron bracelets and a knife, a bronze needle and a mirror with a handle were found, as well as a shiny stone measuring 3 by 4 cm. "This is a rock of stones, and it remains a mystery how such an object came to the Sarmatians," the scientist noted.

According to the agency, the finds were taken to the museum for analysis. Later they will become part of the exposition dedicated to the ancient history of the Caspian region.

Dozens of ancient graves have been discovered in Atyrau region. Several centuries ago they were looted, but experts manage to find valuable artifacts on the outskirts of the mounds.

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