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A record number of Arctic burgers were prepared at the Tundra Festival in NAO

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350 burgers with a total weight of 111 kg were prepared at the festival.

A new Russian record was set on Sunday in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug at the Tundra gastronomic festival, held on the Day of the District. 350 Arctic burgers with a total weight of 111 kg were cooked there, the press service of the district governor told TASS.

"350 burgers with a total weight of 111 kg were prepared at the festival. This is a record that was recorded by a representative of the Russian Book of Records, " the press service of the governor of the NAO told TASS.

The Book of Records of Russia is a project aimed at creating a complete information bank of Russian records. Most of the book is devoted to records in such categories as sports, architecture, people, geography and food. At the first gastronomic festival "Tundra", held in the NAO in 2019, representatives of the Russian Book of Records recorded a record of making the largest pie from northern berries. Its weight was 208.7 kg, and its size was 2 m by 9 m.

This year we decided to set a new record, cafes and restaurants of Naryan-Mar took part in it. Also on Lenin Square, in a tent for fixing the record, a master class on cooking burgers was held for local residents, who were also able to take part in fixing the record and weigh their burger for accounting in it.

The record was recorded by the founder and editor-in-chief of the Book of Records of Russia, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences Stanislav Konenko. He recorded such achievements as the preparation of a 90-meter-long souffle cake, the record for creating the largest sculpture from the Lego constructor, and others.

The Tundra Food Festival is dedicated this year to the cuisine of the Arctic regions of Russia. The festival was attended by representatives of all regions of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. Residents and guests of Naryan-Mar could taste dishes of Yakut, Krasnoyarsk, Chukchi, Arkhangelsk, Komi, Murmansk, Karelian, Yamalo-Nenets and Nenets cuisine. These are all kinds of dishes from meat, fish and wild plants, unusual Arctic ice cream. The guests of the holiday took part in cooking shows from invited chefs of the Arctic.

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