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75 apple trees were planted at the "India Day" festival in Moscow

15.08.2022 Индийский культурно-национальный центр «Сита» 94 просмотров

The largest ethnic festival in Moscow ended with a fascinating holiday of colors Holi (Holi). One of the brightest and most beloved holidays in India became the final event of the grand four-day festival "India Day", which gathered more than 2 million guests in the Dream Island Landscape Park.

During the four days of the India Day Festival, Muscovites and guests of the capital were able to enjoy a joyful and friendly atmosphere, taste spicy Indian cuisine, purchase Indian goods, take part in spiritual practices, watch Bollywood films and concerts by Indian and Russian performers, as well as perform a wedding ceremony in compliance with Indian traditions. 

The guests were greeted by a stunning symbol of India – a replica of the Taj Mahal, located between the fountains of the park. Like the previous six years, the entrance for visitors was free.

This year's holiday was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between India and Russia. Indian Ambassador Pavan Kapoor opened the festival by planting an apple tree. A total of 75 such apple trees were planted at the festival site - in honor of the 75th anniversary of India's independence, which is celebrated this year, and the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Moscow and New Delhi. 

"Everyone knows that India is a big family of peoples and traditions. By planting 75 trees, we proclaimed unity. Proclaimed that we are a family! Apple trees are a symbol of fertility, health, love and beauty. Also, as a sign of the strong friendship between the two countries, two flags – Russia and India – were side by side at the festival "India Day"," said the founder of the festival, president of the Indian National Cultural Center SITASammy Kotwani.

Thousands of guests of the "Day of India" witnessed the grand procession of a multi-meter divine chariot. The procession was accompanied by songs and dances of people in festive national costumes. During the Ratha Yatra festival (chariot festival), everyone tried to hold on to the rope along which the solemn movement of the chariot was going. In India, it is believed that the one who managed to do this will be very lucky.

The chariot was decorated with images of deities of the Vaishnava tradition, garlands of flowers. The spectacle resembled a ship, on the deck of which musicians and temple employees were playing, distributing fruits to visitors of the park. On this day, more than 10 tons of various fruits were distributed from the chariot. 

Every day the guests of the festival were presented with souvenirs and products from India. 80 thousand boxes of Indian tea were presented, and free tastings of drinks and food of Indian cuisine were held in the food court areas. More than 150 companies presented a variety of products from India — natural Ayurvedic cosmetics, oils and incense, health products, cashmere and silk shawls and stoles, bags with intricate embroidery, original ethnic-style jewelry, precious stones and silver, clothing and traditional tunics. 

Another theme of the festival this year is ecology and a healthy lifestyle. On the decorated VEDA WEEKEND Vedic platform, which combines spiritual communication and rich cultural recreation in nature, it was possible to participate in master classes in Indian dance, listen to lectures on Ayurveda, meditate, read mantras, do yoga, watch spherical movies, apply mehendi on your hands, check your eyesight. The famous psychologist Svetlana Nazoeva conducted the practice "Corridor of Support", which allowed the participants of the festival to relax and start healing processes inside their bodies. And a yogi from St. PetersburgAlexey Sergienko conducted yoga for the eyes, which helps to restore poor eyesight. 

All four days of the festival were held solemn wedding ceremonies – couples performed the ceremony according to Indian traditions in the Parachute Wedding Zone specially prepared for this procession. One of the couples who played an Indian wedding at the festival was rapper ST and his wife, TV presenter and blogger Assol. The wedding ceremony was held live on the Moscow 24 TV channel. According to the couple, who have been together for 8 years, and 7 of which ST and Assol are officially married, the event will only strengthen their relationship. The wedding of two stars has become one of the brightest and most spectacular processions. A total of 200 Russian couples got married during the four-day friendship festival. 

Traditionally, a chess zone was organized at the festival for fans of logical thinking and strategy development. On the final day, a tournament among children was held, which was dedicated to the memory of the great Russian diplomat and friend of India Alexander Kadakin. More than 100 children took part in the tournament. The winners of the chess festival received 24 cups, medals and diplomas – none of the participants left without a reward. 

Bollywood films "The Color of Saffron", "Sultan", "The Unprotected Bride", as well as the musical melodrama "Disco Dancer", which conquered the world in 1982, were shown in the open-air cinema. The legendary film celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

More than 2,500 artists performed on the main music stage – performances were broadcast live on VKontakte. A special festive program was prepared by the Vostok FM radio station team, organizing a concert with the participation of such popular artists as DONI, Gazan, Vera Kucher, GiaSh & Vito. 

On the final day of the festival, a celebration of the riot of colors of Holi was held, which began with the performance of the driving songs of the St. Petersburg group! and incendiary dances of the girls from the Bombay Dance collective. During the extravaganza of colors, an impressive show was staged by wandering drummers from India, giving each guest a sea of emotions.

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