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In Chukotka, the race on reindeer sleds "Ryilet-2023" started

06.03.2023 ТАСС 11 просмотров

Reindeer herders will pass through the Arctic about 90 km.

The race on reindeer sleds "Ryilet-2023" started in the village of Lamutskoye in Chukotka. Reindeer herders will pass through the Arctic for about 90 km, the head of the region Roman Kopin wrote in his Telegram channel on Monday.

"A big race with a length of more than 90 km will take place to the village of Chuvanskoye. And tomorrow small races will be held in Chuvansky. This year, 10 reindeer herders are participating in the main race, including 1 girl. The youngest participant is 22 years old. And the oldest is a veteran of racing, he is 77 years old," he wrote.

Roman Kopin added that the "Ryilet" is not only a race, but also an occasion for reindeer herders to get together, and such competitions are a good way to attract the attention of young people to the preservation of the traditions of reindeer herding.

The villages of Lamutskoye and Chuvanskoye are remote villages in the Anadyrsky district of Chukotka. In both localities, in total, a little more than 250 people live.

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