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A snow maze was built on the shore of Lake Baikal

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It was built in Buryatia near the village of Ust-Barguzin.

Tourists from different regions of Russia who will arrive in Buryatia under the Winter Baikal winter charter program will see the first snow maze on eastern Baikal. This was announced to TASS on Tuesday by the Minister of Tourism of the republic Aldar Dorzhiev.

"Tourists who arrive this winter by charters will see for the first time a snow maze erected on Lake Baikal - it was built near the village of Ust-Barguzin - as well as a large snow postcard created right on the ice of the lake near the village of Maximikha, and, of course, the beautiful transparent ice of Lake Baikal - now it can be seen next to the villages of Gremyachinsk, Goryachinsk, in Maksimikha," Aldar Dorzhiev said.

He noted that it was no coincidence that the snow maze was built next to the visitor center of the "Reserved Podlemorye". The Federal State Budgetary Institution "Reserved Podlemorye" provides the study and protection of three unique areas of nature located on the northeastern side of the lake - the Trans-Baikal National Park, the Barguzinsky Reserve and the Frolikhinsky Reserve, about 60 thousand tourists visit these protected areas annually. "It is from here that the roads to the popular Chivyrkuy Bay and the Barguzin Valley open," he said.

According to Irina Suzdaltseva, director of the Baikal Tourist Information Center, the area of the labyrinth is 800 sq. m, the height of the walls is 1.8 m, the thickness is 60 cm. "All guests will be able to complete quests in the maze, get prizes, take photos for memory," she noted. - During the construction of the object, only snow was used, in order to preserve the ecology of Lake Baikal, the masters refused to use dyes and other materials. In the spring, the maze will melt itself under the rays of the sun."

Another art object that will appear on the eastern side of the lake, in Buryatia, and which participants of the charter program will be able to see is a snow postcard measuring 20 by 40 m, it will be created on February 11, also right on the ice, clearing snow and creating inscriptions and patterns. "A festival will be timed to the event, it will be called "Snow Postcard". This is a continuation of the work of Valery Melnikov, a grandfather who lived in the village of Markovo in the Amur region and single-handedly created such unusual postcards for fellow villagers, children," explained Anna Maslichenko, the organizer of the festival in Buryatia.

Winter charters In 2023, Buryatia will receive six charter flights under the winter program in the period from February 11 to March 18.

The cost of a voucher for eight days and seven nights starts from 46 thousand rubles for one person. This charter program coincides with the celebration of the New Year according to the Eastern calendar - Sagaalgan. Thanks to this, guests will be able to get acquainted with the customs, traditions, rituals associated with the celebration.

In 2020, the republic became a pilot region where, with the support of Rostourism, the federal tour operator TUI Russia of Ural Airlines, a charter program to Baikal was launched. Then the region accepted the first domestic charters. By the end of 2022, about 2.5 thousand tourists visited Buryatia under the charter program. In the winter season - about 1 thousand tourists, in the summer season - about 1.5 thousand.

Tourism in Buryatia is one of the leading sectors of the economy, Lake Baikal is the main point of attraction in the republic, and the Eastern Sayan Mountains, Tunka Valley, protected areas and inaccessible corners in the north of the republic are also popular with fans of active tourism.

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